Telling the Heel the World Story. The good folk at HEEL THE WORLD last year contacted me to shoot a look book campaign for them. I had a great time shooting this visual narrative shot across the city of Accra. 

- Visual Narrative by Tj Letsa

Heel The World(HTW) is a social enterprise and footwear brand that works to empower Ghanaian startup companies. They’re story started with an experience with a shoe shine boy who confidently felt that shoes could not be made in Ghana to rival what is imported from the west. In constant production now, they are one of Ghana’s few menswear shoe brands and everywhere you go, you can spot a HEEL THE WORLD EMPOWERMENT BEADS.



My friend TJ Letsa ( takes some of the best photographs of me, I feel. All his images of me speak to who I really am. I find them to be the most authentic still representations of me. Our friendship allows him to capture raw moments, uncontrived and more often than not, vulnerable, as we always seem to meet to discuss life and it’s abundance of curveballs…good and bad.

He is such a talent with an eye for story telling and vivid imagery. A complete food snob, a lawyer in the making and one of the best photographers that will come out of Ghana when it’s all said and done.

(via tjletsa)



There are some places you don’t have to set foot in to know are beautiful.

Nestled in New Orleans’ French Quarter, this concept boutique stocked with unique and colourful goods, and a charming interior that looks tactfully unfinished, is the brain child of designer sisters Lizzy and Darlene Okpo and fellow creative Armina Mussa.

Exodus Goods
518 Conti Street
New Orleans, LA 70130 


Today, students recieving their “D6”— or secondary school— diplomas celebrate in #Kinshasa #DRCongo after learning their final grades by SMS that morning, July 15, 2014. With those grades written on their faces and t-shirts, #grads roam their neighborhoods blowing plastic whistles and dousing friends and family with #babypowder. #graduationtraditions #allisonshelley Photo by @allisonshelley — reporting from #DRC with support from @IWMF.