The beauty of art is the way it brings people together, forging new, purposeful connections coupled with the creation of timeless memories of love. Patrons to Chale Wote were able to rekindle old friendships and connections, and strengthen existing ones, all beautifully and intircately linked with the festival’s theme of death and rebirth.
What connectiions did you make at #Chalewote2014?

Each year, the Chale Wote Street Art Festival has created the platform for artists of all types to leave their mark on the city and visitors to interact with public spaces and submerge themselves in the outburst of creativity.

Photo Credit: Kofi Anti

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“Maisons du Sahara, habiter le désert” de Jean-Loïc Le Quellec, photographies de Cécile Tréal et Jean-Michel Ruiz, Editions Hazan, 2006.

Touareg, Hirafok, Algérie.


"Houses of the Sahara, living in the desert" by Jean-Loic Le Quellec, photographs by Cecile Treal and Jean-Michel Ruiz, Hazan edition, 2006.

Tuareg, Hirafok, Algeria.

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I was following the two women on the right to go pick sheanut fruits, which they will process into shea butter. The 2km walk took longer than usual because I didn’t factor in the fact that they will stop to exchange greetings with everybody they met on the way. The greetings were not just “hi” “hi” or “goodmorning, goodmorning “. When our people greet, they ask about you, your spouse, your children, your business, your health, and everything they can remember, and they actually wait to listen to every answer you give.
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Photo by Nana Kofi Acquah @africashowboy


Kids playing soccer while the sun goes down at Kakwende village, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo. August 2014. Photo by Jana Ašenbrennerová @asenbrennerova #drc #drcongo #asenbrennerova (at South Kivu, DR Congo)


After Ebola cases were confirmed in the Democratic Republic of Congo a health checkpoint was established at the border between Rwanda and the DRC. Workers from a nearby clinic have been based there for the past 2 weeks, checking temperatures of those passing from Congo to Rwanda. September 3, 2014. Photo by Jana Ašenbrennerová @asenbrennerova #drc #drcongo #rwanda #ebola #asenbrennerova


"I’m not a politician. All I can do is to pray the bad things move away from us."

(Juba, South Sudan)


She said she wanted to be a pilot, and when I asked why, she spoke two words. My translator said: “She says, something like: ‘I want to be able to control myself in the air.’”
"But what exactly did she say?" I asked.
“‘Kuar Nhial,’ he answered. ‘It means: ‘I’ll be the leader of the air.’”

(Tongping Internally Displaced Persons Site, Juba, South Sudan)