Meet Sister Akua Akyaah. I lived in the same hood with her for years before I found out that she was my sister.

You know, my father was a ‘rolling stone’, and I am yet to meet all my 20 something siblings. The good thing is, even though my father didn’t take care of me, even though I just saw him twice, all my siblings, the ones that I know or have met, are just like me-very nice people.
It gets better.

Are the sapeurs not appropriating a culture? Also it just comes off as delusion and having inferiority complex,dressing like that under high temperatures like we have in Africa.

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Eh? If someone wants to wear a suit in the blistering heat, let them. We’ve been through too much as a continent to start calling people ‘delusion’ for no good reason. Have a little heart and understand that this speaks to something greater than the weather. As for appropriation, it may fit the dictionary definition of the word but if you mean to liken it to the theft and commercialization of oppressed peoples cultures then whoa there buddy, nope. Noooooope. You’re missing out on something very important: the dynamics of colonisation. Please don’t make me have to explain that. At the very least, Sapeurs are taking something forced upon them and recreating those standards to suit them (pun intended, haaaai). There are many ways of saying ‘f—- you’ and that, I believe, is one of them. I’d liken it to Pidgin English. Speaking a version of a forced language that suits those oppressed by it. I’m sure British colonists are rolling in their graves everytime a Nollywood movie plays. Then again, I’ve met so many native English people that make their own language sound like…yeah.

Bless you Funke for actually answering this. You’re better than me. I would have deleted it and kept on moving. What kind of clown thinks the Sapeurs are culturally appropriating Europeans? There has to be a fundamental misunderstanding of power dynamics and history to think this way. Maybe they know their inquiry is nonsense, which is why they’re anonymous.


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The beauty of art is the way it brings people together, forging new, purposeful connections coupled with the creation of timeless memories of love. Patrons to Chale Wote were able to rekindle old friendships and connections, and strengthen existing ones, all beautifully and intircately linked with the festival’s theme of death and rebirth.
What connectiions did you make at #Chalewote2014?

Each year, the Chale Wote Street Art Festival has created the platform for artists of all types to leave their mark on the city and visitors to interact with public spaces and submerge themselves in the outburst of creativity.

Photo Credit: Kofi Anti

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